Suncatcher Farm

The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land. -- Abraham Lincoln

In 1859, Oblate missionary Father Pandosy arrived in Kelowna, establishing the first permanent white settlement in the Okanagan Valley. One of the first settlers, Eli Lequime, received a Crown grant for 160 acres of prime land bordering Pandosy's Mission. Since then, Lequime's rich farmland has provided for the families who have lived on it, and for the growing population of the valley surrounding it.

We are proud to be owners and caretakers of a part of Lequime's original farm, and to continue his legacy. The produce you see from Suncatcher Farm is tangible, tastable proof of the validity of his dream, and hopefully, you will agree, of ours.

Why Organic?

We want to provide you and your family with the best quality food possible. Growing vegetables without using genetically engineered seeds, pesticides, fertilizers or any other chemicals allows us to do that, while preserving the health of the land and water. After all, a hundred years ago, organic growing was known simply as "good farming practices"

We feel that the consumer's connection to the farm and the producers of their food is disappearing, and that it is vitally important to re-establish that link. Working with Urban Harvest and selling locally allows us to maintain that link in a way that shipping our produce to distant markets does not.