Soup's On! (Lisa's Simple Steps to Soup)

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Contributed by Lisa (Urban Harvest)

Soups are wonderful winter comfort foods... and so accepting of "misfit" veggies and culinary bloopers!

Lisa's Simple Steps to Soup:

1. Start by sauteing leeks/shallots/green onions/onions in small amount of oil (I prefer olive oil); add minced garlic after a couple of minutes.

2. Add and saute denser veggies, such as carrots, potatoes, celery, beets, etc., 2 to 5 minutes.

3. Create your stock by using enough liquid to make a soup, but not so much that your other ingredients are overwhelmed. Liquids might include leftover veggie cooking water (esp. carrot or potato), soup stock helpers (e.g. Bragg's Liquid Aminos or veggie bouillion), or simply water with seasonings and herbs added to taste.

4. Optional additions: beans (pre-cooked), legumes (e.g. split peas or lentils), rice/barley/quinoa/pasta/other grains.

5. Season to taste. You might want to decide on a theme (i.e. Indian or Thai curry, Italian, Asian, Greek or Mexican seasonings, etc.) and choose spices/seasonings accordingly.

6. Simmer up to 2 hours, depending on the cooking time of the grains and/or beans/legumes you have chosen.

7. Add and lightly steam quicker-cooking greens/veggies + fresh herbs under the lid for the last 10 minutes or so before serving (in order to minimize nutrient loss). I usually turn the soup off at this point.

8. Serve and Enjoy! Soups can act either as a complement to a full meal or a meal unto themselves when served with a salad and/or some form of grain. A hearty bread with a protein-rich bean dip can also be a quick and nutritious complement.





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