Chutney Basics

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Contributed by Angie Cleavland





Chutney is a wonderful addition to any snack or meal. Chutney is a jam-like condiment that combines the flavours of sweet and spicy with fruit and/or vegetables. It is served with meat and cheeses, on sandwiches, and with entrees.

Chutney Tips

The trick to chutney is that as it cures, the flavour improves. If you are canning chutney, try to let it sit for a month before eating it. The second trick to making chutney is to coarsely chop the pieces of the veggies or fruit. Chutney is better when it is chunky rather than smooth.

Cooking Tips

When cooking chutney, you want to make sure that all the ingredients are cooked thoroughly. If using dense veggies or fruit that generally take a longer time to cook, add them first. To prevent the chutney from burning, reduce the heat as it thickens. Finally, to determine whether the chutney is ready, spoon a bit into a plate. Draw your spoon through it and if no liquid seeps into the space, it is not done.

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