The Art of Marinades

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Contributed by Angela Cleveland

Marinades are often thought to be used to flavour and tenderize meat, but they can be much more than that. The right marinade can enhance the flavour of any meal, meat or not. There are three basic elements to a true marinade: flavour, acid/alcohol, and salt. The importance of each of these elements is based on the purpose of the marinade.

If you are marinating meat, the acid/alcohol acts as an important tenderizer. The salt allows the meat to retain water and maintain its juiciness. On the other hand, if you are marinating veggies, the flavour (or spices) is the most important element.

The two most important tools used when marinating are time and a fork. In order to allow the food to absorb the marinade, let it sit overnight. By allowing this extra time, the flavour will be enhanced. Also, by using a fork (especially for meat) to pierce the food, the marinade will seep in and give the dish more zest.





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