The Secret Life of Garlic

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Contributed by Angela Cleveland

Too often, well-intending gardeners chop off the stalks that grow out of the garlic at this time of the year. While, this is an important step to enhance the production of the garlic bulbs, the stalks, also known as curls or scapes, should not be thrown out, but rather eaten. Garlic curls have a delightful subtle garlic flavour and a tender crunchiness to any dish.

But, if you have your own garden and are pruning your own garlic’s curls, be sure to get them before they begin to straighten and produce flowers. By then, they will be tough and have little flavour. You know that they are ready when they are bright green and curly.

Garlic curls can be added raw to salads, casseroles, stir-fries, and soups, or they can be blended up into a delicious dip. With a slight garlic flavour, these curls don’t run the same risk of that over-powering taste that often comes when using raw garlic bulbs. Another added bonus of garlic curls is the brilliant green colour that they can add to our meals (especially in dips).





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