A Taste from Down Under

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Contributed by Jennifer Peachey

I trained for, and completed two mini-triathlons last summer. I retired after deciding that I didn’t have the competitive drive, didn’t want to train at 6am anymore, and couldn’t afford all the food I was eating! It was, however, an excellent experience and gave me a much better appreciation for all athletes.

I’d like to salute all those athletes who are representing Canada at the Olympics; all those who participated in the BC Senior Games last weekend; all the dancers, gymnasts, and figure skaters; all the children who work so hard at the many sports available; all those who get out there and walk or run every day; and everyone else who makes exercise part of their lives!! It takes dedication, perseverance, and, of course, good nutrition (!) to be the best athlete you can be. So give yourself a pat on the back, and keep up the good work!

In honor of those participating in the Summer Olympics in Australia, and because it’s almost pumpkin time again, I offer you this “Perth Pumpkin Soup” recipe. Pumpkin Soup is extremely popular in Australia, and it even comes canned. With fall dashing in so quickly, it’s perfect weather to try this warming, comforting soup. And as an added bonus, pumpkin boasts one of the highest amounts of Vitamin A of all vegetables.

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