Bored with Breakfast?

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Contributed by Jennifer Peachey

Are you tired of cereal and milk, or toast and jam for breakfast? Or would you rather just skip breakfast altogether? For some of us, the answer is yes. Breakfast, however, is a vital part of a healthy day. To perform optimally, we need to consume protein for brain function and complex carbohydrates for the steady release of glucose into the bloodstream. These two things help ensure energy, alertness, and the best start to the day.

As a project for my daughter and my dad, neither being fans of the traditional breakfast, I tried to come up with creative meals for breakfast. My goal was to find healthy, quick, easy-to-prepare meals with lots of flavour. I also wanted to include a variety of fruits and vegetables from the Urban Harvest bin. Here's what I came up with. I hope you join us in trying to start your day in a deliciously creative way!

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