Added on April 9, 2015

Please remember to place all empty blue bins and ice packs (CLEAN & DRY!), out for our drivers to pick up at the time of your next delivery.

When you receive your order, please remove all veggie waste and wipe bins (and ice packs, if you receive them) with a damp cloth, then store with the lid ajar so the bins/ice packs can air out. On your next delivery day, place your empty bin(s) in the same location that we deliver to, so our drivers can easily spot them.

Not planning to order for a while? If you will be taking a break of 4 weeks or longer, please contact us so we can schedule a bin pick-up the next time we deliver to your area. Bins/ice packs can also be dropped off to our warehouse team on Tues/Wed/Thurs from 7am to 5pm, or during our Saturday warehouse sale, 9-1 on Saturdays.

BIN REPLACEMENT FEE UPDATE - 2023: Please note that if blue bins are lost, damaged, or used for non-food purposes (ie unable to be returned for use), a $15 bin replacement fee will apply. (previously $10; updated Jan/2023 to reflect our replacement cost, which is currently approx $18/bin)

Thank you for helping us keep our blue bins rotating and in good condition!

~ The UH Team

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