Tips for Getting the Most Value out of your Urban Harvest Delivery!

Added on March 30, 2011

Needing to budget more carefully? Here are a few tips to help you economize and maximize the value of your Urban Harvest delivery!

1. Select best buys to economize. The items marked V on our list offer the best food value for your dollar.

2. Look for bulk options under the Produce Specials + Bulk Sales tab. Buying larger orders at a lower cost (when available) can save you money on staples that store well, like potatoes, onions, and apples.

3. Meal planning can help to ensure you are a) ordering appropriate items that your family can/will enjoy, and b) using up everything that comes in your bin each week!

4. Keep us on our toes! If you receive unsatisfactory items in your box, please inform us WITHIN 48 HOURS, and we'll provide a credit toward your next order.

5. Take advantage of our PRE-payment bonus plan! We offer a 5 percent bonus credit for any PRE-payment of $200 or more. (eg a $200 prepayment would earn you an extra $10 credit)

5. Smaller household? Not using up all of your produce each week? Consider banking stars to avoid waste. You can either use up your stars on a future order (eg when you have more people in the household or there is a higher-value item in season that you'd like to enjoy), OR you may save them up and cash in for a free delivery when you accumulate 18 stars (the number of stars in our regular box). You must order a minimum of 14 stars EACH TIME to be eligible to cash in your banked stars for a free box. (Please note that this option is not available for family box orders as these are already priced at a discount; please order our regular boxes if you are not using up all of your family box stars).

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