Price Updates Now in Effect! (Feb 15/24)

Added on February 11, 2024

1) Our per-star add-on charge has increased from $1.75/star to $1.85/star.

2) Our Family Harvest Box has grown from 28 stars to 32 stars, with the price increasing from $50 to $60. The Family Box still provides a savings over the regular box ($2.20 savings when ordering 32 stars), but we have increased our margin a bit to better reflect costs, AND we feel the larger size will better serve veggie-loving families!

3) No change to our Regular Harvest Box! (20 stars = $40)

If you are a current Family Harvest Box customer, and you would like to switch your default size to our Regular Harvest Box, please email us to make that change...or you can simply order fewer stars when editing your orders, as our system will automatically downsize to the Regular Harvest Box when you order fewer than 30 stars.

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