Ordering Timelines!

Added on November 12, 2023

Our order page OPENS @ 4pm THURSDAYS for the upcoming week’s deliveries! (Please do NOT try to log in before 4pm, as our update may be incomplete.)

Please place orders by NOON ON SUNDAY whenever possible. You'll see the best selection the earlier you'll order! Final order cut-offs are noon on Monday for Tues/Wed customers and noon on Tuesday for Thurs customers.


FLEX CUSTOMERS: On rare occasions, you may find that your route is already capped when you try to place your order. If this happens, please check back over the weekend, as spaces may open up due to cancellations from our pre-scheduled weekly/biweekly customers. You can also let us know that you're interested, so that we can give you a heads-up if a spot becomes available.

WEEKLY/BIWEEKLY CUSTOMERS: If you will not need a scheduled order, please submit your cancellation as early as possible, so we can adjust our inventory planning accordingly. (This also helps us to open up spaces for flex customers on weeks when we have limited capacity.) Thank you for your help!

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