Friday Grab Boxes - a discount option for adventurous cooks!

Added on March 29, 2023

What are our Friday Grab Boxes?

Each Friday, we pack up a little of this and a little of that (produce left from the week's home deliveries that won't be carried over to the next week) in "grab boxes".

How much do they cost?

They are typically priced at $30-40, for produce valued at $45-60. They are also available on a pay-what-you-can basis if you need a little help filling your fridge with fresh produce from time to time.

How do you get one?

Each Friday morning, an email is sent out to folks on our grab box list once we've got them packed up and know how many we'll have and at what price. Boxes are then available on a first-reply basis for pick-up atour warehouse 12-1pm or 4-5pm on Fridays (or by special arrangement).

Interested in joining our Friday Grab Box email list? Drop us a line with your email!

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