"Our customers love the taste of farm-fresh, organic produce...and the convenience of home delivery!"

Just want to say thanks! You guys do an awesome job, our produce is always so fresh and great tasting! – Sarah

You guys are awesome! You make this shopping thing soooo easy! – Carla

... today I ate a tomato (that) brought back those memories of years on the farm, before I grew up and moved to the city, when August brought a bounty of tomatoes from the garden. Eaten whole and sun warmed..... ahhhhh, heaven! – Michelle

We are very impressed with the quality of the items that you sent us last week... I am a disabled person and I don't have a lot of money to spare. But after receiving the items from you folks I know that the money is money well spent. We look forward to the next delivery... – Timothy

I just adore your service...I am trying new vegetables all the time. Thank you for including recipes for the fruits and veggies. As some are new to me, I really appreciate the help. – Teresa

We absolutely LOVE having the fresh, organic fruit and veggies in the house. Eating healthy without effort - WOW! Thanks so much. – Anne

Thanks again for the wonderful chance to enjoy all the wholesome, fresh, organic, food. We are so glad you have pursued this endeavour. – Nancy

We just love your produce, your home delivery and that we can order online!! This is a fabulous idea. Keep up the great work! – Doreen

We absolutely love your service, and are delighted with the variety and quality of fresh fruits and veggies in our box every week! Without this service, we wouldn't eat nearly as many veggies as we do, and would likely never have tried exciting new things like purple carrots and watermelon radishes (the new household favourites). Thanks Urban Harvest! – Sean & Christina

I am so grateful that Urban Harvest is right here in Kelowna. I doubt that there is a better organic delivery service in the whole world. It amazes me that in the 10 years I have been your customer, you have never made a mistake in my order. The produce is always beautiful, and the staff are absolutely wonderful to deal with. Thank you so much for all you do for our community, and for our planet! – Brenda

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