Saturday Sale Updates for NOVEMBER 2018

Added on November 19, 2015

**Nov 3 – NO guest vendors, just us (and lots of delicious organic food!)! Need some help storing or cooking new-to-you veggies? 11am to 1pm is a perfect time to pop in with your quetsions, as the store tends to be a bit quieter.

**Nov 10 – CFUW/Café Femenino + Fresh Valley Farms + Arsty Phartsy (a social enterprise selling upcycled grocery bags!)

**Nov 17 – Real Raw Food + Swheatgrass

**Nov 24 – Artsy Phartsy + Urban Harvest Soup & Chat Time 11:30-12:30 featuring ROOT VEGGIES! Come for your groceries, stay for soup and a chat about winter root veggies! Bring your questions and ideas…or just enjoy sampling some soup! (Please bring your own bowl, or we’ll have a few extras if you forget!)

Urban Harvest is open for public Saturday Sales, year-round, from 9am - 1pm at 806 Crowley Ave (north end, downtown Kelowna). See for a map and updated produce list.

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