Saturday Sale Guest Vendors + Updates for SEPT/2019

Added on November 19, 2015

**Sept 14 - Fresh Valley Farms (naturally pasture-raised meats) + CFUW/Cafe Femenino

**Sept 21 - Real Raw Food (raw, organic nuts, seeds, dried fruit + more!)

**Sept 28 - Kelowna Free-Graze Lamb is a pasture-based mixed livestock operation. They will have fresh chicken available @ $4.75/lb. The chickens were raised on pasture, moved daily to have access to a new patch of grass everyday. They are taking pre-orders at, or you can buy first-come, first served on the 28th, while supplies last.

**Oct 5 - Iyra, with goods from the Mayan highlands of Guatemala: vanilla, spices, spiced teas, fruit leathers, spiced chocolates, fermented coffees.

Urban Harvest is open for public Saturday Sales, year-round, from 9am - 1pm at 806 Crowley Ave (north end, downtown Kelowna). See for a map and updated produce list.

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