Green Bananas?!

Added on June 8, 2011

Our bananas from the week of Apr 23rd came in very green. While it is not unusual for us to receive and deliver green bananas, these ones have been slower to ripen, and in many cases, have not ripened properly at all. Many of you have received credits for them already, and if you have green bananas sitting on your counter for which you have NOT already received credit, please don't hesitate to contact us with a credit request.

Bananas are always shipped green, and our supplier (or any banana wholesaler, really) then brings them closer to ripeness by exposing them to ethylene gas (the natural by-product of ripening fruit) in a controlled temperature ripening chamber, then wraps them and ships them. Banana ripening is both an art and a science, with many different variables at stake.

In the case of these recent bananas, it is possible that they did not spend enough time in the ripening chamber before being shipped. Often we receive equally green bananas that ripen perfectly, so it's not simply a matter of them having been shipped too green.

In future, you can help your bananas to ripen more quickly (if they happen to arrive green) by storing them at room temperature away from direct sunlight in a bag with a ripe banana or apple (which will give off the ethylene gas that they need to ripen). Use a plastic bag for faster ripening or a brown paper bag for more even ripening.

If your bananas haven't ripened within a week with appropriate storage (see above), do contact us for a credit.

Or, if you would only like to receive bananas that are already ripe (or at least starting to turn yellow) in future, please let us know and we can place a note on your account to substitute an equivalent value star credit in place of the bananas on weeks when the bananas come in green.

Bananas, bananas, bananas - if we didn't love 'em so much, they just might make us go bananas!

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