New pricing, effective week of Feb 19, 2023

Added on February 2, 2023

We last increased our Harvest Box prices in 2015 (ish?!), and as you might guess, food prices and overhead costs have risen substantially since that time. Much as we hesitate to add to our customers’ financial burden or risk losing valued customers, the time has come!

We recently reached out to a sample of 300 customers with 3 pricing options, and the following was the strong winner:

Increase our standard Harvest Box prices to $40 (Regular) and $50 (Family), with 2 extra stars (total 20) in our Regular box and 1 extra star (total 28) in our Family box. Increase star add-on charge to $1.75. Family box savings: $4.

This option allows us to offer a little more in our standard Harvest Boxes and increase overall sales, which better supports our producers as well! If you are a Regular box customer and find you don’t need 20 stars each time, you are welcome to "bank" extra stars for weeks when you need a little more (keeping in mind that we request a min of 16 stars per order), or to cash in your banked stars for a “free” box when you’ve
amassed 20 stars. (This option does not apply for Family box customers, as Family box customers have the option to drop down to the Reg box if you do not need all of your stars.)

Thank you to all those of you who responded to our survey – your thoughtful comments were much appreciated as well!

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