Added on July 21, 2022

Closed for Holidays - 1st Week of August!

Please note that there will be no deliveries Aug 2-4 (or Aug 5 grab boxes), as we will be closing the first week of August to enjoy a summer break! Deliveries resume the week of Aug 9-11. (Biweekly folks - see note below!)

BIWEEKLY customers: Please expect a 3 week gap between your orders, due to our one week holiday closure:

If you received an order July 19-21, your next order is scheduled for Aug 9-11.
If you received an order July 26-28, your next order isscheduled for Aug 16-18.

ACCOUNT BALANCES: Do you want to find out if you have an account balance owing (or credit) on your account? You can find your most recent balance by logging in on our order page (, then looking for the line that says "Previous Balance/(Credit)". If you have a credit, your "previous balance" will be shown in brackets.

Please keep in mind that online bill payments may take up to 2 BUSINESS days for processing (longer on our holiday week, s we will be out of the office until Thurs Aug 4!), depending on your bank's reporting system; cash + cheque payments are typically posted by noon on Fridays.

OFFICE HOURS: If you have questions, concerns, quality issues to report, etc, please email us at; you can expect a reply by Fri, Aug 5, if not sooner. We appreciate your patience while we're out of the office!

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