Warm-Weather Deliveries!

Added on June 28, 2020

Warm Weather Reminders!

A few notes to help deliveries go well (and produce stay fresh) when the temperatures rise:

• Update your delivery drop spot if needed, to ensure a well-shaded location.

• Be sure to look around for your bin if you do not see it in its usual spot on delivery day.
Our drivers will also be looking for spots that are protected from sun (don’t be surprised to find it under a shrub or behind your patio furniture!).

• Request an ice pack if needed.

• Gone all day and your delivery comes in the morning? Consider having a neighbour or family member pop your bin inside. Or, we can shift your deliveries to a work location (please notify us by Monday morning, so we can map your delivery accordingly).

• We also offer a warehouse pick-up option (Tues aft, Wed/Thurs all day, or Fri morning). (Please notify us when you place your order!)

• BINS/ICE PACKS! Remember to rinse or wipe down bins (and ice packs) and store them clean/dry outside to minimize contact before your next delivery.

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