Our Order Page Opens at 4pm Thursdays!

Added on April 16, 2020

Our order page OPENS @ 4pm THURSDAYS for the upcoming week’s deliveries! (Please do NOT try to log in before 4pm, as our update will be incomplete.)

ACTIVE FLEX CUSTOMERS: We recommend logging in as close to our 4pm order page update as possible (please DO NOT try before 4pm!) each Thursday, as spaces for flex customers have been filling up quickly! If you find flex orders are already capped, please check back over the weekend, as spaces may open up due to cancellations from our pre-scheduled weekly/biweekly customers.

ACTIVE WEEKLY CUSTOMERS: If you do not need an order for the coming week, please submit your cancellation as early as possible, so we have time to open up spaces for flex customers. Thank you!

ACTIVE BIWEEKLY CUSTOMERS: At this time, we are asking you to stay with your scheduled week, to avoid taking spaces away from flex customers. You are welcome to cancel and defer your order to the next week, but if you’ve just had a delivery this week, we cannot schedule you in again next week. We will be reversing all unscheduled orders. Thank you for your understanding!


If you haven’t been able to get an order in lately, we are terribly sorry for the disappointment! We are stretching to meet the increased demand among our active customers due to COVID-19, with so many more flex customers wishing to place orders each week, and very few cancellations among our weekly/biweekly customers…not to mention larger orders!

We have placed a hiatus on new AND returning customer sign-ups until further notice. Please contact us if you would like to be on our wait list. In the meantime, we recommend trying other locally-based delivery options (eg www.farmbound.ca, www.unearthedfarm.com, and www.valleydirectfoods.com. Also, for local/regional meat/dairy, try www.dolanhomedelivery.com or www.freshvalleyfarm.com.

If you have a prepaid credit on account with us, and haven’t been able to place an order lately, please note that you can either keep your credit active for future use OR email a refund request to us so we can process that for you.

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