We are swamped! If only we could wave a magic wand!

Added on March 20, 2020

Friends! We are struggling to keep up with demand at this time, and have had to cap orders early for the past few weeks and into the foreseeable future. We have put a hiatus on signing up new and resuming customers, as we are unable to meet current demand for all of our flex customers at the rate orders are coming in.

To explain, on a normal week, many of our scheduled weekly and biweekly customers will cancel for various reasons, and a certain number of our flex customers will order, and we will deliver between 400 and 500 boxes per week (we prefer to be closer to 500, but for the past couple of years, we have been averaging 425-450 per week). These numbers are ideal for the size and capacity of our team, our warehouse space, our coolers, and our 2 delivery vehicles. This is our "sweet spot".

In recent weeks, we have seen very few cancellations from our regular scheduled customers, and a huge number of flex customers ordering, as well as lapsed customers placing orders, and biweekly customers placing orders on their off week. Normally, all of these scenarios would be awesome if they helped us balance out the cancellations and get closer to our sweet spot of 500-ish deliveries, but right now, the volume is overwhelming, with so many customers wanting to order all at once.

We are stretching our capacity to fill 550-ish order per week for the next few weeks, to serve as many customers as possible. Beyond that, we run into physical and human resource limitations (ie cooler space, general warehouse space, staff capacity while still maintaining social distancing, delivery vehicles, etc.).

We feel terrible disappointing all the customers who have either had their orders cancelled due to lack of capacity or who have found a "capped" notice when trying to place an order. We know how frustrating this is, especially when each of you is facing your own challenges.

We hope you will find patience and understanding if we can't fill an order for you this week, or if you do have an order coming and it comes a bit later than usual, or there is a missing item (for which you will, of course, receive a credit).

Rest assured we will be working extra hard for all of you through these challenging times.

We would also like to refer you to other local businesses offering home delivery, like FarmBound, Unearthed Organics, and Valley Direct. If you know of others who may have extra capacity, please let us know, so that we can share the info!

Take good care,

Lisa & the UH Team

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