Added on January 6, 2020

Please note that deliveries may come later than usual, when there are more challenging driving and walking conditions for our delivery staff.

To help our drivers keep safe, can you please:

*Notify us of unplowed roads if applicable (keep in mind our vans are NOT 4 wheel drive!); make arrangements for order pick-up or delivery to an alternate address if necessary.

*Keep driveways and walkways clear for our drivers

*Turn an outside light on for aft/eve deliveries

*Ensure address is visible from the street, so we can find you! (brush off snow if necessary)

Thank you!

Here are a few additional tips for keeping your Urban Harvest deliveries from freezing when the temperature drops well below zero:

• Update your drop spot (eg inside an unlocked garage or insulated shed)
• Leave out an old blanket for us to wrap around your bin for insulation.
• Leave out a cooler – we can transfer your food for you.
• Perhaps you have a neighbour who could put your bin inside for you?
• Pick your order up at our warehouse rather than having it delivered.

Please let us know in advance of any special requests, so we can include your instructions for our driver.

Warm wishes!

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