Do You Check Your Order Slip?

Added on June 28, 2018

Maybe you are so keen to get your produce away, you overlook the order slip taped to the bin...

There are lots of reasons you shouldn’t skip over it! Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

• Item list – Please review to confirm everything listed has been included in your bin. We do double check every bin once they’re packed, but we can make mistakes and we need you to let us know if we did. If you discover something missing, please contact us for a credit.

• Account balance (highlighted!!) – We include your account balance (or credit) at the bottom of your order slip. The first line is your total for that order, the second line is the balance on your account (or credit if in brackets), and the last line is the total owing (or remaining credit). If your total is highlighted, it looks like you’ve missed a payment, OR, we see an odd amount we want to note. A friendly reminder that payment is due by the day of delivery.

• Star credits – We list how many stars you’ve used for your current order, any previous star credits you have or are carrying forward, and any stars you purchased above those included with your bin.

As always, we’re here if you have any questions about your slip, or anything else!

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