Quality Concerns? Just Let Us Know!

Added on April 5, 2018

So, here’s the thing…produce comes from nature, and nature is not perfect! Sometimes, even with
our very best efforts, we send out bananas that don’t ripen properly, or buggy broccoli, or an avocado
that goes brown inside before ripening, or a red pepper with a moldy core. We KNOW this happens,
even though we absolutely do work to avoid it!

So how do you ensure you aren’t paying for produce you can’t use? Simple! You let us know (send us an email…or better yet, snap a pic, so we can see exactly what the problem is!), and we add the appropriate number of stars to your account for you to use toward a future order.

We really, really appreciate it if you can let us know of quality issues as soon as possible – preferably within 48 hours, or as soon as the problem is evident.

Please know that we don’t see this kind of feedback as complaining. This is your way of helping us to provide good service, since we can’t fix problems we don’t know about!

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