We Love Your Referrals!

Added on March 8, 2018

Are you thrilled with your Urban Harvest service? We love it when you tell your friends, colleagues,
neighbours, or family about us! It’s very helpful for someone new to the idea of organic produce
delivery, to have their questions answered by an expert (that’s you!). It might not be a good fit for
every home, and some people you talk to may decide they prefer their own way of filling their
fridges…to each their own! But every so often, you may find that somebody you know is as excited
about the idea as you are, and we really appreciate your role in making those connections!

As our way of saying thanks for your support, we offer a $10 referral credit when a new customer
mentions your name in their sign up. Your account is credited after they’ve established their account
(ie. received and paid for their first order), and we typically do referral credits in bulk once or twice a
month…so please don’t worry if you don’t see the credit appear on your account right away. We’ll send
you an email to thank you and let you know the credit has been added! (Please feel free to ask if you’re curious though…we’re more than happy to satisfy your curiosity and speed up your credit!)

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