Year End Musings (from Dec 19-21 Harvest Herald Newsletter)

Added on January 4, 2018

Year-End Musings…

Do you ever stop and ask yourself how time can possibly have flown by soooo fast? Having started
Urban Harvest in January of 2000, the end of the year tends to conjure this feeling for me, as it
always marks another full year in business….and 2018 will be Urban Harvest’s 19th year! Say wha?!!! I think when David and I were planning UH back in 1999 as two relative youngsters (I was 24!), we would
have been hard-pressed to envision staying in business for 5 years, never mind 18+ years!

While there are always changes in business (some of them big ones, like moving from a partnership to a sole proprietorship 2 years ago) much has also stayed the same (like this newsletter format, LOL!). Many
team members have been working with Urban Harvest for 5+ years, some for 10+ years! Many of our
growers have been supplying us since the beginning, or near the beginning (Wild Flight Farm, Vialo
Orchard, Pilgrim’s Produce, Little Creek Dressings, to name a few!). Our approach to keeping our
overhead low so we can keep the food value as high as possible in our boxes has not changed (our
busting-at-the-seams warehouse and home-based office are testament to this…and my teenaged son
would add that my old car is too! Haha!). Nor has our commitment to pay staff and suppliers fairly.

At the community level, we have enjoyed being part of the increasingly dynamic local food web over the
years, witnessing new farmers starting out or building their farm businesses, the development of more
box programs like ours (FarmBound, LocalMotive) and CSA farm box programs (Wise Earth Farm,
Unearthed Organics, et al), and even the recent start-up of a cooperative, local/regional grocery store
(One Big Table!). Local specialty retailers (and even some of the larger stores) are offering more in
the way of local and regional food options, as well as organic options. All of this is wonderful news for
folks wanting to eat well and support sustainable food production in the valley and beyond, and we are
thrilled to share the responsibility and privilege of getting good food from farm to plate!

Speaking of privilege, one of the most humbling aspects of this business for me has been the long-standing relationships we are privileged to hold with you, our customers! We have been at the other end of the email for news of your babies arriving, loved ones passing, sickness befalling, new homes, new jobs, moves across the country, and travels around the world. Through our Saturday Sales and other
community connections, we have watched your children grow up…in fact, some of your children have
moved out and now order their own boxes! The food we get to work with feeds our bodies, and the
business pays our bills, but it is these connections that fill our hearts.

THANK YOU for inviting Urban Harvest to your tables week after week. We are grateful!

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