Meet the Urban Harvest Team!

Added on October 12, 2017

We’ve had lots of new folks join our team this year…in part because of CJ and Mark both moving on,
and also because we are sharing the work differently. Along with our new members, our team is
balanced with others who have been working together for many years! An interesting fact about our
team: 8 of our team members are former Urban Harvest customers, and 3 came on board because of
friends already working with UH! And...we now have 3 Michael's on staff! Crazy!

Our team now consists of:

Lisa ~ owner/manager (since our January 2000 start-up)
Michael – Saturday Sale (2005)
Cheryl – packer/warehouse (2008)
Jess – packer/warehouse (2011)
Sam – packer/warehouse, Saturday Sales (2011)
Carol – packer/driver/office (since 2013)
Dan – packer/driver/warehouse (2014)
Kelly – office (2015)
Lucille – warehouse (March, 2017)
Greg – packer/driver/warehouse/bins (May, 2017)
Mike – driver (Aug, 2017)
Riley – brand new on bins! (Oct, 2017)
Michael - driver (Jan, 2018)

We are committed to working together to serve you (and our suppliers!) as well as possible!

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