Cabbage, Green (piece, cut and wrapped)

Cut cabbage keeps very well. When you are ready to use it, simply slice off a thin slice of the cut edge if needed, and the cabbage behind it will be well-preserved.

Wild Flight Farm grows very large cabbages that are too large for our boxes, but their cut pieces offer a nice option for us.

Serving idea: improvise your own cole slaw, tossing chopped/slivered cabbage with grated root veggies (carrots, watermelon radishes, and gold or red beets are especially pretty and tasty!), thinly sliced red onions, your favourite seeds (I like pumpkin or sunflower), grated apples if you like, and dried cranberries and/or raisins, along with any of Little Creek's dressings (original, vegan caesar, spicy strawberry, Asian apricot, or cherry balsamic - each adds its own delicious quality to your salad!), and you've got a simple side dish or lunch that will last nicely for a few days in the fridge!