Kale, Green Curly (kale ribbons in your mashed potatoes!)

This week's green curly kale may be bagged OR bunched, depending on the leaf size. If you prefer NOT to receive plastic, please let us know and we can reuse the bag for you and send the kale loose in your bin if it is not bunchable.

Simple Kale Salad - Chopped kale, rubbed with olive oil, and tossed with lots of fresh lemon juice, fresh-crushed garlic, and grated parmesan...maybe a handful of toasted sunflower seeds and chopped fresh herbs of choice...and you've got yourself a lovely summer-fresh salad!

Other ideas: steam or braise (serve with tamari, lemon juice, or balsamic vinegar), make into kale chips (search our recipe archive!), kale and potato soup, chop into ribbons and add to soups/stews/chowders...