Kale, Green Curly (great steamed or in salads!)

Our favourite kale salad recipe is a winner with all ages...and so easy!

Wash the kale and remove the inner stems (stripping the leaves off the stems). Chop the leaves into thin ribbons, then massage with olive oil and a bit of sea salt. Add fresh-squeezed lemon juice, fresh-crushed garlic, and grated parmesan to taste...and that's it! From this base, you can add so many different things! Red onions, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, feta, walnuts/pine nuts, yellow zucchini, dried cranberries, chopped boiled eggs, chicken, tofu, prawns...make it your own with whatever you have on hand! Any of the Little Creek Dressings would be nice as well. Enjoy!

Kale is also delicious steamed (like broccoli) and served with a bit of oil and lemon juice or vinegar...or butter and parmesan. Try adding it to soups, stews, and more...or even mashed potatoes!